Online Shopping in India

After doing lots of purchases from different sites recently I have some interesting observations.

  1. Discounts on branded items seems to be real. All other discounts are bogus. They hype the price and show it as discount  of  80% etc…. We always should check whether the price is reasonable enough for that item not. Never get influenced by the % of discount.
  2. When you are buying any furniture item etc, pay attention to the measurements. Try to understand the measurements clearly before ordering.
  3. Bed sheets should be checked with the TC (Thread Count) . More the thread count, more the thickness.
  4. Ethnic Indian women ware (Saris, chudidars) are the highly dangerous items to order online if they are not from a good brand like BIBA. Majority of the cases, the picture shown is different from the cloth you receive. They put the pictures of good original sari in the picture with a huge discount price and they send the cheap imitation sari. Also some times the picture is different from the description eg: Picture may show a green sari but the heading or description may read as Orange sari. So you may think you are ordering a green sari but you are actually ordering an orange sari.
  5. In attractive headings they may write 30 day return etc but the fine print will say, they will not return the GST part of the price and if you order for cash on delivery and later you want your money back when you return the goods, they may say, they will charge a transaction charge of 100rs for transferring money. Recently I did a transaction with  and I ended up loosing 300rs out of 2200/- when I returned the goods.
  6. While ordering Medicines etc, we have to check or specify clearly about the expiry date. While buying multi vitamin, the expiry should be good enough for you to consume. Same applies for Jams, ketchups etc and  personal care products.
  7. We have to observe the delivery charges part very carefully before concluding on the over all price . So many times, they are including the courier charges in the price and then putting the item under free delivery category.
  8. Also understand the return method very clearly before ordering. Lot of small sites ask us to pack and courier on our own and they reimburse the money.  Amazon and Flipkart have a well defined process wrt to return so returning any item is hassle free with these websites.
  9. When ordering vegetables from or you have to open and check the vegetables while delivery is happening. Recently big basket guys are packing in brown paper bags, in Benguluru as plastic is banned here. So the vegetables may get spoiled and even the delivery guys may not know because the packing must have happened long back .

I am not discouraging anyone from online shopping by writing this list. On the contrary I believe time is money so I do online shopping most of the times as it allows to save time and energy. In this traffic travelling to shops and then searching, comparing the products is huge task. So online purchase always get a thumps up. Only point is we should be cautious while purchasing.