Prioritization of activities/tasks

Like I discussed in one of the previous posts, we have only stipulated time in our hands. At any point of time our TO DO list will be so big that the 24 hours are not enough to complete all the activities.

If that is the case, how come some people are able to succeed and others are struggling with their activities and tasks? Only answer to this is prioritizing your TO DO list.

We should see what is important and focus on those activities. Most of the times, we keep doing the fire fighting activities and run around with small repeated routine tasks. We need to come out of that and understand what are more important activities which help us in our long term and short term goals for our life and focus on those only.

If you could not complete some mundane activity do not panic but if you cannot finish some thing important then feel for it and focus more on it.

We can do only 2 to 3 activities per day so do not stack up so many tasks and tumble. Instead put simple post-its with top 3 activities per day and focus only on them.