Time Management

Every body in the world have same amount of time in a day – How true it is…. Some thing which is given to every one equally…

Managing oneself with in the time available – is what time management about.

A feeling of accomplishment, achievement and being in control – These are some of the benefits of having a good time management philosophy in life.

This is not for the daily or weekly or monthly activities or tasks. Or this is not about the work we need to accomplish in office.

We have to see our life as a big line on which we have to keep both long term and short term milestones and from there we need to sketch and come down till we get to every days task/Activity list. That way our goals are always in front of our eyes and we know how we are spending our time in taking baby steps towards our goals.

we can convert our daily activities like cleaning, grocessary shopping etc into the time management plan we make. The food we prepare/eat every thing should get into the planning sheets so that the mundane tasks in life are taken care off and the time can be given/utilized for more important life goals.

Target based plan for each and every activity is very important. Also the time management plan we make should be realistic. A person on any given day can complete 2 to 3 important activities.

Planning your 24 hours and then comparing with the actual will give a lesson on how the time is being spent. This data can then be used to make a better plan which helps in better usage of time.