Relocating to India – Part 5

After coming back to India, I found these sites useful. I used them so suggesting you. : I used this site for my laptop repair and it was good and reliable. They have informed me through SMS and called me also and did good on time service.  : using this as a substitute for the books library we got used to when we stayed in Denmark. This modern, private library allows us to select books over net and they deliver and pickup those books from our home. My kid is enjoying all the good books.

Traffic in India has become more tough and trying to do as much as possible through online shopping etc is far more better to save time, energy and money.

We are using Videocon d2h for TV and are satisfied with that.


I found useful to sell and buy the used items. Its really becoming popular .


Some myths cleared : Indian schools

Writing about relocating to India.. and Irony is I have relocated back to India… Like lot of NRIs (Non Resident Indians) I was apprehensive on certain aspects of life in India. Especially the schooling of kids.

After coming back while searching for schools I realized that the schools have changed a lot from the way they were when I was going to school. Teaching methodologies are in practice. Schools are run in more professional way with proper processes.

Standardization has come in schools also. Most of the CBSE schools follow curriculum, study materials and also teaching aids prepared by XSEED company. This company has a very professional setup and it handles training/coaching and reviewing the teachers and their teaching abilities. So more or less all the schools are same…….

So how to choose a school??? My parameters were, how close the school is from home, how open and receptive are the staff etc… And like our work environment where we say more are less all top software companies are same but our liking/disliking depends on the reporting manager, the same thought process has to be applied here. Ultimately the class teacher and her chemistry with my kid matters most. Rest all are more or less same in the corporate schools these days.

I liked that process and standardization have come in sports and physical Training. All the schools are outsourcing this part to a single company. This company not only supplies sports material to schools, but also the sports trainers. So standardization there also………

All in all, I am happy for this change and feel this is a right decision to move back to India and no regrets wrt to kids education.