Toddler South Indian Veg Food

toddler is a child 12 to 36 months old. The toddler years are a time of great cognitive, emotional and social development. So its important to focus on their food habits during this period.

Also the tastes and further food habits develop from how and what we introduce to these kids in this age. This makes it all the more crucial. For working moms its very tough to manage the food requirements of this age kids.

I am giving here 2 important charts/plans both need to be implemented cohesively so that it makes the mother’s life simple.

Chart 1: Daily time line of feeding

SL No What When
1 Wake up drink 6 AM t0 7 AM
2 Breakfast 8 AM to 9 AM
3 Mid-day snack 10:30 AM to 11 AM
4 Lunch 12:00 Noon to 1 PM
5 After sleep Drink 3:30 PM to 4 PM
6 Evening Snack 5PM to 5:30 PM
7 Supper 7PM to 7:45 PM
8 Late Night Drink 9 PM/Mid Night

Important things to note here:

  1. If the kids wake up later than 8 AM then club the Wake up drink with breakfast by making a milk based oats porridge etc as break fast so that the milk intake will not be disturbed.
  2. Apart from juices, milk or fruit, do not feed any thing after 7: 30/7:45 PM. This creates digestion issues to the toddlers.

Chart 2: Weekly Food Plan

Sl No What Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
1 Wake up drink Full cream Milk
2 Breakfast Carrot Idly
3 Mid-day snack Banana
4 Lunch Kichidi with Curd
5 After sleep Drink Apple Milk shake
6 Evening Snack Suji halva
7 Supper Rasam Rice
8 Late Night Drink Fruit Juice

I have written sample foods for a Monday. You can make some thing like this for the entire week. Plan to prepare it on every Sunday,  for the coming week and put up on your refrigerator door. Then on its easy to follow.

Some points to remember while creating this chart

  1. Every day 2 varieties of fruits and 5 varieties of veggies should be included in the diet.
  2. Create a balance by using rice, roti, oats, ragi etc as staple food on each day so that you can create a balanced diet for your baby.
  3. use full cream milk and fresh fruits and fresh juices. No canned juices.

Once you make this plan, it helps to order the groceries as per this every alternate day so that you always give fresh veggies to the baby.

Happy feeding. Enjoy !!!

What to feed? Please check these sites to get an idea on what kind of food items can be prepared for your loving baby. All these are guidance only. You have to come up with what your baby likes most along with balancing the protin, calcium etc intake.

Also refer YouTube for so many videos on the same subject.

I have attached a sample excel which you can use it by downloading: weekly food plan

Disclaimer: I am not a nutritionist or a doctor. I am a mom . All the info here is gathered from various online sources and from elders.


Balancing Act: A Tight Rope Walk

In our day to day life at so many instances, we get into a dilemma on what kind of decision to take, which direction to take…. When we have only two options and one is right and another is wrong, its easy to choose. But when we have multiple options which are not wrong, then its very tough to choose what is right.

Taking a case to elaborate: We know that helping others is good,  so blindly we cannot go with the option of helping others. Later we may realise that the help rendered is misused. So at any next instance we will be unsure of what path to take.. Here helping others on our own, is also good and not meddling into other’s affairs until help is requested is also good. so which path to take? Taking a single stand and applying it to all situations will not yield any benefit. Applying our common sense and treating each case individually will only help. So this is called balancing act…….

Balancing Act is tough and many times we do not even know how to balance. Best possible solution is to assess the pros and cons properly before taking any decision. Most of the times we take a path based on the material benefits and leave out the emotional and spiritual benefits. These soft benefits are more valuable so we should always consider these aspects.